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LogiX - 2.1.0 Release "November rain"

LogiX - 2.1.0 Release "November rain"

LogiX - 2.1.0 Release "November rain"

PackOS new Features:

1. Lines availability calendar – allows to determine expected working periods for each line independently.

 Shifts dictionary definition 

Shifts schedule

Shifts schedule definition (as a cycle)

2. New shifts definitions included in aggregated reports.

OEE report aggregated by shift for ongoing week

3. Ongoing shift displayed on lines dashboard.

Current shift visualization

4. Design/validated performance distinction (for SKUs, SKU groups and production targets).

Production targets definition

Item definition

5. Keep line or machine stoppage until fist properly produced product “status-freezing” (eg. element holdup didn’t changed after new AlarmCode == 0 value, but after first good count). Other meaning: “rising edge” latches the breakdown state, first good count release the breakdown state.

Downtime production guard visualized

6. New configurable charts and widgets available in report designer (Downtimes, overview, hints, comments, Orders).

New reports available in custom report designer

Custom report with new widgets used

7. Ongoing order time context in dashboard view + hide lines that have no running order (or shift when observing data in current shift time format).

Dashboard visualized in current order time context

8. PackOS Lab extension – live FFT calculation.

PackOS Lab – live FFT calculation

9. New user notifications:
a/ Order status change 
Notification is sent when order changes status. User can choose from which lines he want to receive notifications and about what statuses he want to be informed.


Order status changed notification configuration screen

b/ Order production achieved 
Notification is sent when done quantity achieves ordered quantity on orders from subscribed lines.

Order production achieved notification configuration screen

c/ Order closed with production below ordered 
Notification is sent when order changes status to “Completed” but done quantity is below ordered quantity.

Order completed with production below ordered notification configuration screen

d/ Order delayed 
Notification is sent when current time exceeds planned end time of order.

Order delayed notification configuration screen

e/ Order waste threshold exceeded 
Notification is sent when wasted quantity on order exceeds chosen by user threshold. Threshold is set during subscribing to notification and is expressed in percentage share of wasted quantity in ordered quantity.

Order waste threshold exceeded notification configuration screen

f/ Machine performance below expected 
Warning is generated when “Short performance” signal falls below expected performance. User selects type of expected performance (design or validated) and selects from the list machines, of which decrease in performance he wants to be informed.

Machine performance less than expected notification configuration screen

Fixes & dev: 

  • Automatic tests performance issue fixed 
  • Worklogs and production buckets self-recovery after unexpected system shutdown 
  • ExpectedPerformance property to DesginPerformance automated migration 
  • Units validation when creating new ElementProperty 
  • Automated CQRS & EventSourcing events upgrader  
  • Selfhosted environment setup for PackOS UI and Logix Operator Cockpit applications 
  • Save user information for create & update actions on worklog