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Long Distance Debut finished with the National Championship Win!!

Long Distance Debut finished with the National Championship Win!!

Long Distance Debut finished with the National Championship Win!!

Malbork the City with the biggest castle in Europe was hosting this year Long Distance Polish National Championships.
I decided to race there 2.5 weeks earlier. As an extra preparation I did 2 additional aerobic long runs over 30km and one big 200km ride on Saturday 8 days before the race.
To Malbork we went with my girlfriend Kamila and friend Piotrek on Saturday, one day before the race. We stayed in apartment which has no booking, airbnb, etc. so it had space for coming without reservation and it has one biggest advantage is located 200m from transition zone, so even on the race day you can go prepare bike and then put on your wetsuit in the warm place.
For the dinner day before I ate big pizza + cornwafers + some energy bars, no counting calories because everything was going to be burned.

Race day:
Temperature in the morning was 7°C.
We got up at 4 a.m I ate millet flakes with porridge for babies and I went to transition at 5 a.m and prepared everything for coming out from the water, then I came back to apartment jumped in my new race suit manufactured by prinzwear, put a lot of warming balm, and jumped into the wetsuit. I haven’t enough time to do warm up in the water, so I do some exercises on the dryland + I filled my wetsuit with the water from the tank.

I started from the second row. We had 4 loops to do. At the beginning I tried to catch Tomek Marcine who was leading, I swam together with Marcin Ławicki, I took a lead at the second loop and went out first from the water.

Because it was freezing cold I decided to wear baselayer and shoecovers. Because it was my first long distance triathlon I was afraid to overpower it. I went my own pace. I finished 180 km bike course in good time - 4h17min.

It turned out that I had 17min advantage over Łukasz Kalaszczyński after T2, he is super strong runner so I was afraid he can catch me. First 2 loops we did at similar pace around 4min/km. After 20k I started to struggle and the pace went a little down.
I finished in 8hours 15mins it was pretty hard day in the office.