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LogiX - 2.4.0 Release

LogiX - 2.4.0 Release

LogiX - 2.4.0 Release

Key updates

Mobile app public release
LogiX Operator Cockpit app is now available in AppStore. You can manage orders and downtimes, undertake and complete tasks from your iPhone. Clients with dedicated environments needs to request a configuration update. 

OEE Loss “waterfall” report
Inspect impact of all unplanned downtimes, performance stoppages, minor stops and speed loss on your production and OEE. Group by machine and by problems to compare using different level of detail.

Reports per department / area
Select an area in reports to compare statistics for a group of lines.

Notification administration
Assign notifications to group of users and edit subscriptions for individual users with appropriate permissions.

OEE calculation details
Inspect raw data used to calculate OEEs