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LogiX - 2.3.0 Release

LogiX - 2.3.0 Release

LogiX - 2.3.0 Release

Key updates

New permission model
Introducing a new hierarchical permission structure.

  • You can give access to any element in the factory structure, and the permission will propagate down in the tree – i.e., giving permission to the plant will give permission to all of the lines and machines. Giving permission to 1 department, will include all lines in that department.

  • You can assign more fine-grained accesses to different operations. e.g. Giving only “Element access” permission will result in a read-only mode.

  • Permissions can be configured for teams, all users from the team will inherit that permissions. Inherited permissions from all groups are displayed on the user view.

New line and machine settings
New user-friendly way to configure your assets

  • Advanced configuration is still available

  • You can see all relevant settings with helpful tooltips and explanations

  • You don’t need to worry about types, names and units

Work history batch update

  • Select multiple downtimes with checkboxes

  • Set a common root cause machine and downtime type

  • Assign a reason and select the corrective action used to resolve the common problem

Notification emailing
Get a daily / hourly / instant summary of your notifications via email. Assign email notification schedule for each subscription individually.

Parallel processing support
Supporting big factories and frequent signal changes with reinforced processing cache and multi-instance parallel processing.


  • Showing ongoing shift on dashboard view

  • Cleaning and validation tasks running in parallel to main processing

  • Better instructions how to delete a shift in work calendar

  • Switch between Design/Validated performance on production reports

  • Notifications interactions

  • Refresh list after order removal

  • Aligning time axis in work history summary for line

  • Custom reports – shift instances issue fixes

  • Support for marking changeover as “unplanned”