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Increase efficiency of your assets

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MONITORING of factory resources and production processes

Performance Monitoring - machine performance monitoring and live OEE ratio calculation, with innovative video support for detection of problems' root cause and classification of downtime, as well as video support for remote service. 

The root cause of the problem is automatically determined based on production line topography (linked assets). 

Downtimes are automatically classified, productivity losses are measured, quality decline is identified and current OEE indicators are presented. 

✓ The goal is to determine what are the biggest obstacles in increasing efficiency of your production assets.

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Energy Monitoring - monitoring of production assets' energy consumption (and other utilities consumption)
Consumption reporting, monitoring of current demand and generating warnings about exceeded thresholds

✓ The goal is to give you real and up-to-date figures on current energy costs generated by your production assets.


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CONDITION Based Monitoring (CBM)

Monitoring of production assets aimed to predict failures and issue early warnings still before failures take place

✓ The goal is to know early when machine maintenance is needed in order to avoid downtime.

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Monitor the formulation process involving raw materials in order to capture losses at the product preparation stage.

✓ The goal is to identify and eliminate raw material losses.

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INSIGHTS and warnings

Forget about drilling the data – just follow the advice!
Once bottlenecks are automatically recognized you can use hints that are warning you in order to avoid the problem and showing how to make the best of your machines.

Certain articles including photos and video material are automatically found in the knowledge base provided by KnowLake application, which helps you to solve the problem.

✓ The goal is to help gaining quick access to knowledge about production machines.

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Production ORDERS Monitoring

Know more about your production process, track performance of current production orders, by SKU and other parameters, see dynamic ETA calculation, history of orders and their main performance issues, and compare execution of different production runs.

Integrate with some other master system of your choice (ERP, APS) in order to automatically grab production orders and material master data in order to report production progress.

✓ The goal is to better manage performance of the production orders.

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Extend managing production orders with tracking components usage.
See the consumption of production components being automatically calculated and use early warnings indicating the need to deliver new batch (eKanban). 
Track batches in line with production orders, validate them with Bill Of Material while production is executed. 
Have all returns, waste and returnable packaging settled.

✓ The goal is to reduce the time spent on managing components and reduce losses.

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REPORTS and historical analysis

Have an easy access to automatically generated reports with up-to-date information about your production assets. 

See the historical analysis of the OEE, performance of production orders, most common problems and their root-causes.

Access them directly in the system or enjoy them being sent automatically to your email account. 

✓ The goal is to provide you with the best knowledge needed to drive your business decisions.

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MOBILE access

Make work with the application easier for each and everyone you need within your organisation regardless what equipment they have available.

✓ The goal is to access the information about your production systems from any place and any device.

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Provide your employees with the up-to-date production performance information that is available on the shopfloor at a glance.

Promote a single source of data presenting production efficiency throughout your organisation.

✓ The goal is to motivate your production staff by presenting how close or how far it is to achieve their production goals.

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OPERATOR cockpit 

Take advantage of specially designed screens and features for the production staff and make it easier for them to manage their daily work.

Make the cockpit available on standalone factory PCs as well as on MOBILE devices.  

✓ The goal is to make sure operators have easy access to all the information they need, nothing more and nothing less.

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VIDEO monitoring and remote access

Use system cameras that are installed in selected key points of production lines automatically provide a video clip for each downtime registered in the system. 

Make it possible for operators to use those video clips in order to recognize and describe the root-cause of downtime based on observed events.

Make it easier for production machine service crews to quickly diagnose and solve technical issues.

✓ The goal is to get video evidence as a basis of knowledge on how to improve production efficiency.

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What differentiates PackOS

✓ Simplicity of implementation: we connect to OPC UA server to analyze detailed events. We provide ready to run tools arming the system with capability to monitor the OEE and other KPIs available in the cloud from any place and any devise

✓ Automatic recognition of downtime root-causes using time dependencies and the logical graph of machine connections within the production line

✓ Action hints and insights given when you need it. Follow them to eliminate major problems

✓ Predictive models attached to machine types in the machine library. Once defined - used in many factories

✓ Compliance with standards: PackML, OPC UA

✓ Beauty: the classic OEE concept meets modern technology and visualization

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Why clients choose PackOS

✓ To increase the return on investment in production resources by controlling and improving their performance measured by the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) indicator

✓ To know where the main problems limiting the productivity of machines are and to have grounds to talk with their suppliers

✓ To reduce unexpected downtime and failures thanks to the use of predictive maintenacemechanisms (available "from the catalog", without a complicated learning process and model preparation)

✓ To increase the accuracy of operational decisions based on current knowledge from online reports

✓ To cover old systems with modern and clear production visualization

✓ To have one common platform accessible from every device for many geographically dispersed factories and people

✓ To support operators with hints regarding the possibility of solving a given problem, so as to reduce the time of solving them

✓ To control the costs of utilities: electricity, water, steam, compressed air and thus identify possible losses in order to optimize the unit costs of production

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Keep your assets up and running

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KeepUp is an Asset Maintenance / CMMS maintenance application. 

It allows you to define machine service plans, TPM line reviews and automate service orders (if you also use PackOS). The machine can order parts and service itself, as needed.

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Why clients choose KeepUp

✓ To replace the management of service plans in Excel or on paper by running them in a user-friendly and specialized tool

✓ To have one base of all its production assets, their condition, and all performed service and review actions

✓ To automate the service: enable the machine to "order" necessary parts and services when it needs them

✓ To improve the work of the Maintenance department

✓ To optimally manage repairs - group activities to minimize the time of unavailability of production machines (avoid too frequent downtime for renovation works)

✓ To control the cost of service activities

✓ To enable remote service with video support

✓ To implement adaptive maitenance based on how resources are used instead of fixed rules

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Get your things done

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WorkBoost is an application for tasks for employees - create tasks remotely, coordinate execution, automate them based on events from other LogiX applications.

Based on the indoor location functions and identification of employees (to allocate tasks more accurately), we have built the Umbrella function for the time of risk of epidemic, in order to monitor interactions between employees and identify those at risk.

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TASK management

Intelligent task management by combining assets monitored data, real-time people indoor location  and rules definitions to generate tasks for particular people on the shopfloor for better asset management and increase people productivity (maitenance tasks, quality control tasks, components movements tasks etc..)

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Why clients choose WorkBoost

✓ To increase employee productivity by managing tasks for people in the factory

✓ To identify bottlenecks, too long queues of pending tasks for specific activities (e.g. service incidents on production lines)

✓ To help users perform repetitive tasks - such as quality control tasks that are generated automatically - you don't have to remember them

✓ To keep records confirming that operators have completed the appropriate steps of the procedure (e.g. for retooling or TPM reviews)

✓ For the UMBRELLA function, which provides support in maintaining a safe distance between employees and allows early identification of persons at risk due to an infectious disease of another employee or guest and the place where he was, and which require disinfection activities (additional functionality, which can be offered separately )

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Deliver best quality goods

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GoodIn is an application for managing rules and performing product quality control

It allows you to define quality control rules and automate their implementation. It allows you to register quality reviews.

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Quality control

Modeling of quality control process and rules: raw material income, produced good inspection on shop floor and laboratory. Task based execution. Archive production process history with anomalies and issues for each individual produced item.  

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Why clients choose GoodIn

✓ To keep all the required quality control rules used in their production processes in an electronic form.

✓ To replace paper documentation with a user-friendly cloud system.

✓ To have a place where they can safely record all quality checks done.

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Gain access to know-how

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KnowLake  is an application for managing documentation and knowledge in the organization.

Create documents and articles and share them with employees when they need it most. Associate them with events logged thanks to the PackOS application monitoring.

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DOCUMENTATION and knowledge base

Contextual documentation allowing you to reduce downtimes by quickly suggesting solutions to your problems based on documentation from machine vendors

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Why clients choose KnowLake

✓ To have one place to gather knowledge on how to solve problems, as well as all procedures and documents related to production lines and machines

✓ To control versioning of documents and have access to always current versions of all types of documentation

✓ To enable automatic provisioning of knowledge to employees on the shop floor, as soon as they need access to it, identified by integration with other LogiX system applications, which allows contextual access to knowledge depending on the currently implemented function (e.g. monitoring, service, quality control )

✓ To provide quick access to job instructions, procedures and instructional videos

✓ Machine suppliers choose KnowLake to build a platform for knowledge exchange between the supplier and their clients and to enable knowledge sharing about problem solving between and with their clients

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