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Garmin Iron Triathlon Żyrardów Race 2021

Garmin Iron Triathlon Żyrardów Race 2021

Garmin Iron Triathlon Żyrardów Race 2021

We just opened Triathlon Season in Poland in Żyrardów. Although the winter this year in PL was long and only one week of good weather before race the water temperature was surprisingly warm - 18°C. Race started at 11am but due to other races taking part at same time we need to check in stugg to transition zones 2h before. The weather forecast for the race day was unpromising but it turned out to be lucky and only last kms of bike and run took part in wet conditions. Both of us raced ¼ distance: 900m swim, 45km bike, 10.6 run.

At the beginning I followed the group but I dropped and left a little behind with Marcin from CCC team, everything was good, no stress until I lost my swimming cap, my long hair are so long so even in arena cobra TRI swipe I could not see where I am. It caused that every single stroke I was trying to localize at the water exit I was 15’’ behind group.

I diminished swim and t1 loses at the first 5 km (definitely need to improve my transitions), after small rest at other guys pace I took a lead, course was fast, flat, but with a lot of turns. I realized that my companions are slightly weaker so I tried to drop them after every turn, only Maciej gave me a turn. The advantage of going in legal slipstream is still way to big in this draft illegal formula ;). Our train at 40km catched Sebastian, I decided to rest a little in his legal slipstream before run. 

I ran out from T2 20 meters behind Marcin from CCC team the 20m gap was constant until 3km our pace was 3:22 min/km after I realized Marcin is slowing down I stopped to fix my shoe because because of wet conditions I put it a little wrong. I chased back Marcin after 4.5km and we ran together until 8km, at the end I start seeing the winner so I tried to catch him down but the pace 3:20 was not enough.

Ended 2nd